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LABPuko 09”

About LAB Puko:
Finding Ideas. Find people. Gallery. Find places. Find Debates.

We work with and for artists, arts and culture organizations and networks, cultural professionals and audiences in different countries of Europe as well as provide a platform for cultural cooperation between Barcelona and the world.

The objective of LABPuko is to create an interest in the people passing by, to mix and to propose a reflexion as well as an action.

Recycle in the veins!

A certainty: 
the world is very wide and diverse...

Open to creative minds, LABPuko reflects an interest for new tendencies and is dedicated to the symbols of the recycled design in lots of different forms:

American Apparel by Worlds of Found

Alexia de Ville
 Rocio Marcos
Sara Sarde



All these ingredients create a contemporary language that inspires the rimes of a new poetry.

The selected material also includes lights, magazines, books, fashion, art, etc, all these mixed together to the point where the art spectrum and the political act converge. All these mediums result of the combination of an artistic gesture and a visual and political impact.

Coming from Urban Art, LABPuko is located in a little street of the Barrio Gotico, in the heart of Barcelona/ES.

"In the act of transmission, i like to create a
of the voyage which details the essence of the
and the reality of the experience..."


Romantic (Dis) Illusion # 3

Alexia de Ville de Goyet (1982, Belgium) is a young artist living

working in London. In her work, formal research and experimentation with the narrative codes are essential. Her practice is articulated through video, extending itself also to photography, drawing, installation, and performance. Writing plays an important role in her work, especially in her videos where texts, carried by her or the actors’ voices, reveal an interrogation on the self and the other.
By using personal, intimate stories, she puts the accent on the loneliness in the modern society, seen in her work as a fatality.
This concern is central in her research and leads to a disappearance of the body.


London | Brussels | Barcelona



E x Por : BiANca Ger V a S iO * WoRLD FaSHioN TOuR

Question: What inspired you the menswear collection?
Bianca Gervasio: I designed the menswear collection following the same principles and rules for the womenswear collections, that is clean and sober lines, precise geometries and intarsia. Through the intarsia technique I actually added a little bit of irony to each single piece. The menswear line includes some pieces that can be easily matched and luxurious yet casual items such as silk trench coats. The collection also features shirts with printed motifs that can be matched with ties or socks with the same motifs, perfect accessories for a man who wants to add a little irony to his wardrobe. I sort of summarised the main principles behind the collection – geometries, irony, colours and intarsia – in one piece, the waistcoat, that can be worn over a pair of denim trousers or with a classically tailored pair of trousers.
Question: How would you define this collection?
Bianca Gervasio: I would define this collection as urbanely chic and elegant. Indeed while the collection is aimed at a young and casual man, it is actually designed following the main tailoring and craftsmanship principles, moving from Mila Schön’s DNA, from elements such as double-faced fabrics.

Question: This is your first menswear line for Mila Schön, did you enjoy designing it?
Bianca Gervasio: Yes I did, it was a very enjoyable experience in fact. I actually think that menswear offers more chances and possibilities than womenswear since many things have already been tried for what regards designs for women. Though there are some great competitors out there when it comes to menswear, I think there is still a lot to do about men's clothes and accessories.


Photos: Alessia Laudoni 

C o L o U R B i K E 2009

Photo by Alessia Landoni

Nos presentamos en esta oportunidad para las modalidades de exhibición de obra de arte y talleres de creación en directo con el proyecto COLORS BIKES- BICICLETAS DE COLORS.
Nuestra inteción es tornar las bicis más creativas costumizándolas con materiales reciclados.
Con esto queremos reivindicar los espacios en las calles, divulgar la bicicleta como medio de transporte creando condiciones más favorables y fomentar una conciencia más SUSTENTALBE y ECOLOGICA.
Cada COLOR BIKE promueve el BUEN HUMOR como vehículo para el intercambio social y fomenta la comunicación entre las personas a partir de la sorpresa que genera la ruptura de la imágen cotidiana.
COLOR BIKE-BICICLETA DE COLOR es más visible para los conductores motorizados creando un mayor respeto hacia los COLORS CICLICTAS, intentando una mejor convivencia en las calles .
COLOR BIKE-BICICLETA DE COLOR es DIVERTIDA, modela el cuerpo, cuida de la salud, y hace más BONITA la ciudad.
La locomoción es un derecho de las personas, y no sólo de las máquinas.

Photo by Alessia Landoni